Sunday, 11 November 2018

A grand day out

 In unseasonably fine last day of October weather we found ourselves on a busmans holiday
 to celebrate Uncle John's birthday,
 A tad late it has to be said
 but better late than never
 and we were able to enjoy all Acton Scott working farm and museum had to offer
 almost by ourselves!
 MBAOSPW by a big spinny thing, and a tiny muck tump.
 Prize for the best composed photo taken on a mobile phone goes to...
 Meanwhile the boys are making witches after all it Halloween.
 As they took so long yours truly went off to see the pigs.
 On return rrmk2 still hadn't finished
 so supergrandma stepped in to speed things up.
 Arty farty shot of the wheel wrights shop.
 Nice ass
 Big pony
 Big log.
 Small children inside big log.
 Has to be said that we had a great day
 and MBAOSPW even found a horse that I could ride and didn't make a mess.
 Why the long face though.
 Once we had been all around the exhibits it was time to go home and
 carve pumpkin.
Job done. Happy Halloween!

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