Sunday, 4 November 2018

Same but different

 So... more walks
 same or different dogs, this is Sven letting me know its raining and we should be indoors.
 Which was pretty accurate.
 It was indeed hammering it down this particular morning.
 Making the whole day a sodden affair, and by dinner time after a run into the city for essential supplies, mucking out kennels and stables and the usual routine, yours truly was surprised to find MBAOSPW ashen faced at the dining table. Sensing something wrong with my cooking the enquiry as to her inner turmoil led to the disclosure that her diamond was missing from her engagement ring. Now this bit of rock cost me a tidy penny but the emotional impact far outweighed the financial loss. Then MBAOSPW suggested taking a torch outside and seeing if it reflected back in the torchlight. Yes reader is was dark at the time. But where to look, Kennels, lane, hill, town, goodness knows. After all the rain the who planet reflected sparkles back at yours truly but I did find a nice piece of broken bottle and a tin lid.
Dejected I went into the kitchen a place seldom visited by my beautiful and oh so patient wife....shone torch and there on the floor in front of the cooker of all places was the diamond. How did that miracle happen. Naturally MBAOSPW was very happy at the find even though I am now able to tease her mercilessly about where I found it.
 Sunday and model making....critters and job list permitting. The apprentice is currently making enough airfix red arrows for a display.
 While RRMK2 is making a lego plane.
 While yours truly is obsessing on completing the army of Alexander the Great and his successors.
 The river is now back to normal after its summer holiday
 and too wide to jump across
 but maybe deep enough to swim in.....
 but not today.

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