Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Of course its fun

 Yours truly has fallen off the wagon again and gained 28 pound of lard in a remarkably short time and as his trousers are a tad on the snug side something has to be done. Hence the time spent "running" away from the bonsai mountain up Bob the Bees pimple and back again.
 You can tell by the look on my face how much I'm enjoying the experience.
 Back at the ranch and after a lung transplant its out again to tire out two small boys.
 This seemingly impossible task gets harder the bigger they get the more energy they seem to store.
 They made the river gate in record time
 and even with time spent paddling
 not getting our wellingtons full
 and playing pooh sticks
 they made it back to Rock HQ
 after a few ups and downs
 in a record time of 58 minutes for the two miles.
 The Golden Berners on the other paw
were distinctly lazy today, only chewing one show and severing a number of cables. They are all advertised tomorrow!

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