Saturday, 3 November 2018

Little squeakers

The round the clock watch on the pups has paid off, all 7 have survived to be big enough to register a protest if Tasha lies on them. This doesn't mean we are sleeping more it just means when we do sleep its without the dread panic when you wake that one of the pups has expired.
 Meanwhile outside autumn is in full swing and if these were edible we would have had a big free breakfast.
 Golden Berner
 The sunshine has returned and of we plod to the river to see if its still there.
 Sufficient aqua has fallen allowing Pooh sticks to be played again.
 Its still a trickle but sufficient to stop mountain biking.
 The apprentice is now able to explore parts of the forest on his own, provided he can see us and we promise not o run off and leave him.
 Balancing act.
 Noel posing on the trail.

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