Friday, 2 November 2018

Fast forward

 Ok so I'm a bit behind so lets compress the last week of September (missing out the first week entirely which saw me do a fab 10k run ahem) and the first week of October into a sort of Rocky movie involves lots of puppies and noise and smells
 along with lots of awww cutes.
 As I was so brave taking one for the team and Bef was too ill to have Beth Fest at Rock HQ a massive party gig firework food bananza for her 30th we all went to my favourite place to eat coz they cook better than me, The Cattle Shed, Penrhos court . A very famous place as Queen stayed there during one of their recording sessions of an early album. Id like to say A Night At The Opera but it would be wrong. Its also great as the owners have dogs bigger than ours and they have similar habits, hence the above.
 RRMK2 loves a roast dinner, over everything else calorie wise his food of choice is a roast dinner
 and when it looks as good as this its not a bad choice.
 So September ended October began well with yours truly leading 100s of school kids over the Bonsai Mountain after the original trip was cancelled due to storm Eric or similar.
 Walk was a great success all got back safe but I had to miss one walk thanks to flowers. Stan the combat car has had some decals added to enhance the confusion he causes when parked. No one can tell where he is from so now with Union Jacks it will lead to more SFQs as to his origin.
 Poppy is still with us, older, none the wiser and still making regular expeditions to the top of the mountain.
 More painting ....Cretan Archers.
 Which leads to in a round about way to another creative outlet. For reasons far too complicated and obscure to explain fully yours truly managed to accidentally enrol on a six week flower arranging course.
 This was lesson one, a table top decoration. The classes funded by the EU (I'm getting my moneys worth before we leave)
 are an interesting diversion to life the universe and everything.
 For my first attempt I am extraordinarily pleased with myself.
And we are allowed to take our creations home which gives me amazing numbers of Brownie points with MBAOSPW.

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