Sunday, 4 November 2018

Moving along

 In an effort to get to November before it ends Octobers activities and events need some compression...lots of walks
 with lots of dogs, here is Sven while the top pic is Rippers and Sven
 cut to Rippers posing as the sun sets .
 Floral dancing goes well
 I'm now allowed to have sharp objects and
 am able to create
 symmetrical pieces.
 More walks in the unusual weather, t shirts and shorts still
 with the shire looking resplendent in the autumn sunshine.
 Mrs Bear posing, she being the action Berner is now starting to show signs of wear and tear, two miles shes happy, 20 she starts to complain.
 Bryn is a surrogate Berner so undergoing training
 but as his brain capacity is less than your average cactus, this is he drinking,
 yours truly doesn't hold much hope of him being able to navigate mountain paths without incident.
 Fiveways looks a bit different now all the trees have gone.
The pups are growing mightily.

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