Monday, 26 November 2018

What took you so long

 Its been great, seriously, there are many downsides to global warming, like fires, floods and idiot soundbites from the orange buffoon (Trump)but for yours truly the upside of the mega hot summer (except for our weeks holiday) was no mud. Yes the unfettered joy of wandering around the ranch knowing the only moist areas have fallen from someone's bottom and therefore easily avoided (unless you are a small child who both have the unerring ability to find any dump foot first and tread it into house or car depending on direction of travel)has been one of the highlights of my year.
Unfortunately the usual weather patterns have returned to less than sunny HQ and we are now surrounded by mud and horse fecal matter. Time restraints and lack of enthusiasm mean that the equation of F=C-4 applies or falls 4 times faster than its cleared. So imagine yours truly's surprise at being confronted by this scene of a morn. A stationary Pronto in a gateway surrounded by his and friends doings.
You might ask why the long face but that would be a really old joke, he is looking so forlorn because he has spent the night stood trapped in the gateway unable to move. The source of his predicament is hard to spot, but he has pushed through the gate which is secured by a piece of ubiquitous baler twine. It is pressed against his chest and as the cretinous equine has not considered the options available like break the string or walk backwards this avoiding the need to stand motionless for at least 8 hours. Yours truly, the hero of the hour, managed to snip the string and free the helpless horse.

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