Friday, 16 November 2018

Bang up to date

 Pudsey day! So yours truly organised a dog walk and at the appointed hour
 10 walkers turned up with 2 dogs and a giant hamster.
 The weather was unusually warm for November, and dry .
 The giant hamster had to be persuaded to tackle the rough terrain
 and we almost lost crocodile Dundee in the autumn colours.
 BUt pretty soon we found the Ape Rock
 and the bit I was looking for, Offas Dyke.
 A huge linear fortification designed to keep the Welsh out. Here we see the ditch in action, a Welshman held at bay by one man and his dog.
 The giant hamster ran out of battery power
 but luckily we had a vet who could change the batteries without a screwdriver.
 The proper dogs meantime lead the way
 and even became amphibious for a while.
 4 miles later on a flat bit under blue skies (England then) we reached our destination.
Paradise. Or Penrhos Court...home of The Cattle Shed a great place to eat. Our little walk raised over 160 quid so all was worthwhile, and we all chipped in for the battery for the hamster.

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