Monday, 1 July 2013

A blast from the past

Memory is a funny thing.
So there was yours truly dutifully delivering a large portion of Rock HQ sausage and mash in fantastic onion gravy ( I had fish and salad but felt self righteous) to the technohermit who was perched at the entrance to his lair awaiting its arrival, and once the conversation had dealt with the weather, the absence of roast potatoes and that he had run out of water (this then involved a return trip with 20 gallons of Rock HQ's H2O) he asked if he could show me something.
As I was not pushed for time, out of reach, a faster runner than him, and as he was fully clothed I thought that it was safe to ignore the time honoured don't talk to strangers (none quite so strange) and especially don't accept any offers like I got something to show you.
He disappeared into the smallest of his caves and emerged backwards (still fully clothed) clutching a green gents bike, as above. Yours truly had a real oh my God moment as what emerged was a Truimph Traffic Master, three speed hub gears, white walled tyres, perfectly straight chain guard, pump in carrier, mint condition in every way save for the "improvements Techno was making to to it such as nailing bits of wood to the saddle to carry stuff.
Why this bike should have such an impact on me was because as it hove into view memory came from way back when and this bike (not this actual) was my first new bike bought by me, or my parents (that bit has vanished from the database but I think I bought it, I wait to be corrected, and I think it was £89 or similar back in 1978. Perhaps it was £49) Anyway until I clapped eyes on what Techno was gripping I had totally forgotten about this and all the miles I did on it going to work on the fruit and veg stall, visiting girlfriend who had the lack of sense to move to the other side of the county rather than closer to where I lived, hiding it from local thugs who were waiting for me one night to sort me out for putting them in detention at school for smoking and so on. Here it was, mint, cannot have done more than a few miles since whoever it was bought it, put it in the shed and left it there until they sold it to Techno for less than most pay for a coffee and cake! Full of nostalgia I made my way back to HQ where my ultra lightweight super duper hi tech racer rested poised for action. Fantastic as it is (and it is great, we got over 40mph downhill tonight and well over 30mph on on flat bit without gravity to help)  I couldn't help wanting a ride on the bike that time forgot.

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