Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tinned meat

 While our pigs, or rather our boar Thor was finding new ways to keep cool in this hot spell (bear in mind the brute has climbed a 5 foot fence to enjoy an early bath with Bridget) the Stable Sprite has been working wonders on his kingdom turning the wasteland into a lovely landscaped garden complete with pond, waterfall, compulsory fake heron, fish and gothic batwing sunlounger. All this was done to provide a fantastic location for his lovely wife's birthday.
 Hoards of hungry partygoers descended on the newly created garden and as a special treat Stable Sprite cooked us one of his pigs
 in this very technical tin can.
Once the tin opener had been found short work was made of the contents and a fair number of guests stood "listening to the band" which was code for picking the juicy bits left on the bones. Thank you Stable Sprite, but most of all thank you pig. Tomorrow I have been promised breakfast which is too good an offer to miss as their place is almost on the finish line of a really big training W3P2P (Downhill all the way) ride planned for sparrows fart.

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