Sunday, 30 June 2013

Green fingers

 It was time to do some gardening at Rock HQ as the green menace was making gains on the Bonsai Mountain

hiding what little grazing there is on offer to the various vegetarian beasties that inhabit our part of the world. So began  several hours of hard labour battling with the bracken.

Thanks to the blue strimmer the bracken was no match
and the slopes were reclaimed from the green foe.
Meanwhile at the quieter and sedate end of the gardening spectrum little t checked his strawberries he planted a while ago and was very pleased to find they had borne fruit.

There were three massive (to him) red berries which were just enough for a fruity snack. He was very pleased with his efforts and had to be held back from picking the green ones on the just in case they taste nice too principle.

Chester showed his appreciation for all the effort your truly put into clearing his patch by dumping huge amounts of recycled grass on the lane.

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