Monday, 8 July 2013

Downhill all the way!

Regular visitors may have noticed what changes there are in the margins, and casual passers by may have their attention drawn to the W3P2P logos and pictures that are in two places on the right hand side. Those curious enough to place the cursor on the pics and pressing the mouse would find a new page opening onto the training blog where yours truly's efforts to do away with the couch potato exterior and release his inner Usain Bolt are detailed. The 24 hour challenge set to climb the three biggest mountains in Wales and cycling in between has been set for August the 8th 2013 and another development today has been the creation of the Just Giving page, which is the top W3P2P logo but just in case you cant see that the link is at least that's what I think it was. The plan is to raise £1500 for Hounds for Hero's who do stirling work training support and assistance dogs for wounded service personnel. They have also re homed dogs that have kept our troops company while fighting in Afghanistan.
So just in case you haven't noticed, or in case you were wondering what might happen, go on, put your cursor and click on the links and read how a fat bloke thinks he can walk 18 miles and ride 150 all in less than 24 hours, and once you have stopped laughing click on the top one and donate as much as you can to this great charity. Oh, and the reason its called Downhill All The Way is thats our mantra, and its easier to remember than W3P2P as some fat knacker shouts it at you when you ask him why is he doing this as he wobbles past on his bike or as he wheezes along the mountain trail.

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