Sunday, 28 July 2013

No lazing around

 With only 12 days to the epic physical test of the W3P2P I should be ramping up the training but as 15 pups and two mums need quite a bit of my attention, and lets not forget the rest of the Dolyhir Clan, the critters, a porcine escapologist and the apprentice smallholder, training has taken a very back seat. Not that I have been lazing around, oh no, lazing is something I dream of if you can dream in a state of sleep deprivation as for the second day in a row I made it to bed at 4am  and got up 2.5 hours later to groundhog day.
 Yesterdays puzzle box is being put to good use and anyone needing a whelping box would find it hard to do better than this flat pack MDF that we got from at a cost just pennies more than a cardboard disposable one. As long as the pups don't chew it too much it should just unpeg, no glue or nails, slots together in 5 mins,  and should we ever be stupid enough to have two litters of pups at the same time again then it can be reused.
 Part of the day I managed to escape dog watching and instead subjected myself to the perils of single parenthood in the city with a very interested and independent toddler who was "helping" get his mother a birthday present. Perils included cashpoint button pressing, shop stock rearranging, sitting on floor refusing to move, market stall dismantling and ice cream  wearing. Thankfully we both survived the experience although it did reinforce my preference for on line shopping rather than the high street  I managed to return with intended gifts and much to my beautiful and oh so patient wife's surprise, a total lack of airfix kits and cd's.
 Its another late one tonight, or early one tomorrow, but things are getting calmer with the pups getting bigger so perhaps some training will get done tomorrow. After I've slept. A lot.

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