Friday, 5 July 2013

Time for an adventure

 Before the Rock HQ rang to shouts of "Ahhh mate!" and "Come on Andy!"  little t and I had time for an adventure so we set off downhill and had a game on his favourite climbing apparatus which just fuelled his appetite for the great outdoors.
 Faced with the choice of going back to HQ for a drink and some dinner little t was clear on his preferred choice of direction, away from the cottage.
 Which was how we found ourselves the dark side of the Bonsai Mountain heading for Fiveways
 which is very impressive distance/height gain for a 2 year 4 month old.
 The size of the planet didn't phase him
 and he took note of the landmarks which was just as well as this is the halfway point and he did insist on trying to retrace our steps rather than carry on down the other side.
Thankfully he saw sense (eventually) and we made it back in time to shout at the TV.

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