Friday, 26 July 2013

The quick and the brave

With Reuben celebrating his new additions to the Dolyhir Clan (see dog blog) by "helping" with the dog food run, Thor our Bernese Mountain Pig continued to cause chaos at various locations around the smallholding. Yesterday in the frantic effort to get Bliss to the vet the soggy sack of aviary bird seed was placed on top of the bin store, well out of reach of rampaging Ryelands but totally within the grasp of a hungry boar with Spiderman like abilities.
How we laughed on return to find around 1kg of mixed bird seed left in the chewed remains of the sack which just for a laugh he had spread over the front door step. Full of stolen calories Thor turned his attention to exciting things like our post which he carefully opened for us, say carefully, imagine bite through, defaecate on, stamp on and shred. The nice lady from Wagg had sent us a load of puppy packs and vouchers, so any new members of the Clan will be getting goodies with their puppy with interesting puncture marks.
His morning was further livened up by chasing a delivery man, called Steve, who was trying to drop off a whelping box for Elf. This made a change from bothering the horses. Steve eventually threw the container of MDF puzzle pieces into the Oracles outbuilding. Miranda came to the rescue by carrying this back to HQ on her bonnet as the rear seats were taken up by Berners who had been out on a publicity walk for Hounds for Hero's and my epic man test W3P2P. Photos later.
The Karma police must have been keeping an eye on the boars antics as somehow the dozy porker has managed to break his right tusk off. This sabre like weapon is now hanging out of his mouth and looks distinctly painful. Any volunteers to remove this will have to be extremely quick and very brave (or stupid)

given the left sabre is fine and in full working order. 

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