Sunday, 28 July 2013

Reservoir Pups

 Bliss has an unusual feeding stance which is, I think, why she has accidentally squished two pups. She seems to half sit and the pups gather to feed, eventually she nods off and slides down and as bad luck would have it squash a pup. Last night I checked her every ten to twenty minutes and constantly moved pups at risk, even managing to pull Ms Pink and Mr Blue out from under her. Even with all that effort Mr Purple bought the farm last night, I tried to revive him but he'd gone.
 So by 3am anti squish rails, 3 of them were fitted, they wouldn't have made a difference to Mr Lilac and Mr Purple but they might protect the others. The reason there are 3 is that that was the number of brooms I managed to find and break up, wedged in with card collars they are holding up to pressure. Bliss has finally started to lie down, I think through exhaustion and having had 8 hours sleep in the last 72 myself I know how she feels.
 Morning roll call and all Reservoir Pups were growing fat.
Mr Blue after a particularly large post breakfast stretch.

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