Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The full tourist

 He who cannot be named is about to depart on another all inclusive action packed adventure holidayin a land far far away so he has spent a couple of days at Rock HQ remembering the good things in life like my cooking, countryside and his little brother. As the next time we see him will be just before his wedding to his better half we did the full tourist bit for them, firstly the care for little animal zone
 then the short hike to secret waterfall
 and a mess around like we didn't use to do when he was little, ahem, and then
 an even shorter trip to see if the stones were still standing, which they were, so after tea and stickies we
 set off with a brace of Berners up to the ridge and into the snow
 where we met up with the mountain ponies (the Bonsai Mountain is in the background) and
 wandered over to the monkey puzzle trees, which I remember being the height of the bench when I first came up here (yes I remember when all this was fields etc)
pausing to pose by the Whet Stone, which hasn't moved despite the weather. It was good to spend the day so well, sad to say goodbye and fingers crossed for a safe return trip when we plan a wee dram session to wet the Whet Stone. .

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