Friday, 8 February 2013

Back to life

 It struck me on Tuesday that those that follow regularly, or perhaps even those who dip in now and then might have wondered what happened, why were we maintaining prolonged Internet silence, especially after the last two posts seemed doom and gloom, illness, road rage and me doing a pssable impression of Victor Meldrew. Back at the ranch today we find several emails and phone messages asking if we are ok. Yes we are and sorry if going off grid so suddenly worried anyone but we went on holiday to the forest. 
This was the view from our front door when we woke up latish Tuesday, somewhere in this woodland are some 3000 other holiday makers, we didnt see many.  The trip across country to Robin Hood's favourite forest passed without incident once we had sorted the critters out at HQ, loaded up pigs x2 some for sausage and some going to another farm. The actual holiday had been planned for while, getting there turned out to be the last minute rush around that is the norm, but finally midday Monday dogs had tin openers and enough supplies to last, horses were behind fences they couldn't jump, pigs were down to three happy pigs (as opposed to over 50 or thereabouts around this time last year) goats had new beds, in fact every living creature here had new beds, lots of food and four volunteers keen to run the ranch while we were away.
 Their stay at HQ was made interesting by having a goat in the kitchen with a bladder like a spacemans helmet and no TV remote control as little t had "helped" us pack and considered the TV remote an essential piece of kit that he could not leave home without. This did prompt the techy type part time smallholder to assemble our new surround sound DVD system for us while not following the goat with a mops and bucket. I say new, it was over two Christmas's ago, new then, and since having got it it has stayed in the unopened box in the spare bedroom due to A)no time to watch films and B)laziness. Back in the forest we had plenty of time for long walks,
 some walked more than others, I must admit to having slept most of the first day but woke in time for meals. I did get motivated Wednesday and took part in a mental training session on exercise bikes in the gym(mental as in mad not mental as in sit and think about doing it). I have been known to push myself training at home and get up to 163 bpm so was quite impressed to have averaged a 141 bpm in the 50 minute workout and peaking at 183. Don't think there can be too much wrong with my vital organ if it can pump 3x a second without me clutching my chest.
Little t also took part in competitive activities, such as who could make the most noise the longest in any restaurant (he won) and he was reacquainted with the notion in the swimming pool that breathing under water was not possible (pictures later when we get them) In all it was a fab break and many thanks to those who organised it and us so that we could get away. We got back late this afternoon to a clean tidy house, all the critters where we left them, fed and watered, goat still in the kitchen, Ripley bigger, even the 22 year old beagle Preston is still breathing. Our volunteer smallholders ever said they would do it again on the proviso no goat and the TV remote was left behind. Tomorrow will be back to normal, animal chaos and fun in the mud. Fences are still being constructed, the makeover continues and while it was good to get away its great to be back! Even with the mud.

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