Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rained off!

It was a really sad moment today when I had to concede defeat, the weather was so appallingly wet that any thought of the joys of fencing was banished and instead I had to suffer a trip to the supermarket to buy special treats, a visit to friends to finish their Christmas cake (mind you I had to help move a three ton metal fire laughingly described as a small gas fire, took two of us 20 minutes to get it up one level and 30 yards, bad back anyone?) and then had to endure watching England smash Ireland around the park in the 6 nations while eating previously bought special treats. Not the greatest match ever but its the first match I have been able to watch this tournament, its the first win in Ireland for England in 10 years and a wins a win no matter how messy. They also played in weather that I deemed to be unfencable in. Time not spent so productively was spent hanging out with the pigs, TweedleDee and TweedleDum have to be the fattest piglets ever. They also win the cute prize. Meanwhile 180 pounds of their relatives await bagging up and freezing. That's another rainy day job for tomorrow!

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Jeremy Fisher said...

We too were rained off from fencing [putting in post and rail along the front of paddock] but I was lucky enough to be asked to finish last bit of new kitchen for the Dairy during England game. As you say, not the most exciting but certainly enough of a nail biter when one converted try would have swung it the other way. Looking good for the championship although one can never second guess the 6 Nations [or England performances!].