Friday, 22 February 2013

Maximum security

 Its taken a while, and there is still a way to go, especially on the tidy up front, but we are a few steps closer to
 completing the maximum security stockade at Rock HQ. It might be hard to imagine what type of beast needs to be contained on a smallholding behind a post and rail fence five foot high, higher in some parts, and that requires three strands of barbed wire on the inside at ground level to knee high.
But then again not every smallholding has a randy Swallow Bellied Mangalitza Boar called Thor who's sole aim in life is to get down and dirty with the lady pigs or bother horses. This is our last bid at keeping piggy inside. If he gets out of this then he will be put somewhere he cannot get out of. Mr Whirlpool.

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Anonymous said...

Betcha you miss the gay days of Thor's sole love being Apollo. Will sorry to see him go, but the way you had problems with pigs and over population. And you did save his life back when you first bought him. Sorry he has taken up Trevor's trouble mating troubles. Has Trevor mellowed any since he showed up again from lack of female ponies and fresh green grass back in Noveumber ? At least you are getting closer to the first complete year of him being gelded, so that testerone will be on it's way down.