Monday, 18 February 2013

Rude not to!

 Seeing as it was a sunny day and I was kicking my heels as my beautiful and oh so patient wife had lost her voice being struck down by the lurgy (so unable to tell me to get on with the jobs list) and little lost a bit of his hug appeal by oozing gallons of green facial mucus which he insisted on sneezing or wiping over anything that failed to move quick enough I was tempted away from playing nurse and fencing and hit the beach.
 Coincidentally Buddy (big lad) and Reuby were also there (she a big lass to) and it was a bit of a reunion as Buddy is Rocky's son and Reuby is Ripley's sister.
 Rocky was King of the beach, obviously the most handsome Berner ever to walk the golden sands of Ynyslas (real word)
 While Ripley got the award for the biggest pain as she immediately slipped her lead and ran off tail between her legs and hid in the sand dunes for half an hour until yours truly managed to find her hiding under a bush. Panic over I attempted to get  picture of all four Berners, epic fail.
 But it did show how much bigger Reuby (left) is than Ripley (centre) I am only wearing my coat as it got to cumbersome to carry, why we have hotter February days on the beach than we did last August is definitely nothing to do with excessive aerosol use in the 80's. I was in my T shirt most of the time looking buff on the beach (read fat and I was lucky there were no Norwegian factory ships off shore as they might have tried to drag me back out to sea)
 As ever Miranda was polished and sparkling
but as some of the roads were like this there and back I was happy in my messy 4x4 on  y 4 hour vacation.

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Jeremy Fisher said...

And some of us have to work for a living!!
Let me get this right, all I need to have some time off is for t'missus to lose her voice?!
Sounds like a double benefit to me!