Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Birthday Boy

 It was a slow start, a bad hair day
 but little t soon got into the swing of things opening his prezzies and
 after a bath and breakfast despite having a whole load of new toys found it hard to leave his favourite toilet roll tube behind.
 As a treat we went on a road trip, a real live safari.
 Well as we live surrounded by animals what better way to spend a day off than by looking at other peoples animals. The stars were the Rhinos
 the white lions (apparently there are only 70 left worldwide, 10 were here in front of us)
 and the ring tailed Lemurs (any one remember Animal Magic, got a lot to answer for that programme!)
 Best of all was the woodland walk where the Lemurs came over to say hello (and nick the contents of your pockets)
A grand day out was had by all, and we didn't come back with anything live that we hadn't taken with us.

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spiderlover said...

Happy birthday to Little T (oh I'd love to have his hair) and I hope it doesn't become the 'terrible twos' for all at Rock HQ!