Monday, 25 February 2013

More than a feeling

Last year was a leap year and on the extra day I did something different, I rode my bike. Nearly a year on I am still riding (no not everyday) as still loving that almost flying feeling. This despite setbacks like metal fatigue, saddle sores and flail hedge trimmers. I'm lucky enough to have three bikes, although only two are operational at the moment, time, space and funds have not allowed R200 to be taken to bicycle repairman. The SU70 (non nuclear) Life Fitness weapons grade exercise bike has given up the ghost after 10 years of abuse (the repair person call out fee could be better used, puncture repair kits for one) and I have got into spinning training which is just about as mental as you can get stationary in a gym. Currently the heavy weight MTB is being used for road work, its also been fitted with a child seat but as yet that has to be tried out by both myself and little t. The R100 lurks in the workshop daring me to ride it again after our last melee with pedestrians.  As we find ourself at the nearly year point another bike is about to be welcomed to the stable as we have just joined the Cycle2work scheme where you get a nice shiny bike and tax and national insurance refunds to buy it, well most of it. And as her Majesty's government rarely give anything away it would seem daft not to take them up on this generous offer!

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Anonymous said...

We also joined the cycle to work scheme and big Steve (another one, really) has a fab bike which by and large cost very little. He was damned annoyed there is a ceiling on the amount you can spend though!