Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ready for action

 Its a vision thing. Turning this 70's style shed into a modern office suite ready for Red Kite Fostering (children not birds) and SunCare to carry on their good work. It was our official opening today so I took these pics in the quiet moments before the mime artists, buskers, dancing llamas (we asked for the Dali Lama but there was a mix up with the agent) arrived to entertain our honoured guests, foster carers and Red Kite team players as they devoured the free buffet.
 I don't have the before pics, but believe me this plush reception area was carved out of a nasty dark brown wood brick glass facade that workers could barricade themselves behind. Thanks to the Stable Sprite and his team of gremlins its a professional welcome well lit area where members of the public or visiting professionals can find us. This place has everything, toilets x4, shower, waiting room, kitchen x2, 7 offices, admin area, staff room, sensory and perception room (already nicknamed the touchy feely room) therapy suite, contact suite and even
 corridors x 4 , enough to walk a kilometre in 35 circuits, or get on a trike and do The Shining. Actually trikes are not allowed indoors as it will mess up the carpet, same applies to my bike apparently, hence the soon to be installed bike rack outside (with roof)
 Talking on the phone the social worker I was chatting to told me there was an echo on the line, probably caused by having such a huge office to play in.
 Everyone has their own space to get organised and operate from
which is not bad considering we all used to work in a room smaller than this less then two years ago. The skies no limit. Or as my grandmother used to say "He who laughs last laughs the longest"

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