Saturday, 23 February 2013

Whiter shade of pale

Our 100% wool door mats need a bit of a clean.

Little t caused some consternation today having slept 15.5 hours straight through I thought it better to wake him, hes not a well apprentice smallholder, whiter than milk (clean hygienic type as opposed to goat, more later) and a nasty cough. By lunch time he was sleeping again after he had cleared the house faster than a dog farting with the aroma from his nappies. Danger UXB took on a whole new meaning.

I escaped the blast area for a short time, dressed in full combats and body armour I took on the daily wrestle with goat to persuade as much of the white stuff from her udder. Not that the white stuff that is eventually coaxed out and collected in the pail is worth having after she has put her poohy hooves in it, the record in one go is three, she is trying for all four in one go. The detritus for milking forms a scummy white/green/red(blood, usually mine) coloured straw mat on the top. Once scooped off it is good for dogs who have come to expect this twice daily treat. So as I was getting my breath back and wondering how best to get out of the door less scathed than I already was and furious goat was plotting summary execution in wandered Bernese Mountain Dog called Bliss who casually sidled up and collected bucket of dirty frothy goat lactation and carried it off. Now dogs are not known for their ability to carry half full buckets of liquid, and if they can carry said container semi successfully, the placing down before drinking contents is fraught with danger. Fighting goat and myself watched in silence as Bliss very carefully placed bucket down on the straw in the corner of the stable. We held our breath. It tipped over and disappeared. Goat looked at me, no point crying about it she bleated. No. Same time tomorrow then. Probably.

BBMC training has started, but its all part of the pedals to peak challenge, that date has still to be set.

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