Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What's this do?

He's pointing that camera at me again.....hmmm....I can see myself.....whats this button do? I wonde..........

New routine at Rock HQ thanks to day light saving, mornings are easier, for now, as the extra light makes it easier to see which animal you have tripped over or who's pooh you are currently standing in. Evenings are the opposite, its dark when I get home so second feeds take place in late afternoon and done by my beautiful and oh so patient wife under the supervision on the apprentice smallholder.

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jeremy Fisher said...

This is clearly evidence of abuse. The poor child is displaying Pavlovian responses to his doting father pointing a camera at him - there will be consequences - a career on stage and screen beckons, all started by being pursued by the parental equivalent of the paparazzi!!