Saturday, 27 October 2012

The last round up

 The summer rains have ended, winter arrived with a huge drop in temperature and although we didn't have the snow that arrived up north ice had to be broken in water troughs and several areas of the yard were no go areas until the sun thawed the floor.
The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the birds sang their little hearts out from the trees despite the ice station zero temperatures and after yours truly got used to the fact that he was walking like John Wayne thanks to the docs private investigations today was a day to set off over the hills and far away to give our VIP guests the full Monty Rock HQ experience.
 VIP's being Adam and Lucy who are Bradley's forever owners and they got to see horses the size of dogs, or is it dogs the size of horses, a very ancient beagle who is over 140 in dog years (I know as they get older the 7 dog years to one human doesn't apply, but this canine is 21 human years!) and still manages to get to the top (he almost got there a second time late pm but after the steepest section of North Face Gully he pulled the eject cable and parachuted down to the yard) pigs who look like sheep, sheep who eat like pigs, noted the value of 700 million year old rocks as opposed to 300 million year old on the next hill (our rocks are much older than yours!) had a lesson in geography, saw the sights, smelled the air and stepped in the pooh. Most importantly they got to cuddle Bradley (see dog blog) and meet the clan.
 Rocky as ever clinched the Berners are best debate, his agility also impressed as he balanced on rocks to get even closer. On the way round I press ganged the visitors into carrying the bags of apples hanging off the gate of a neighbours garden, the quantity suggests it was the last of the freebies from them, as did the lack of apple tree as it has now been cut down and logged, most of it blew down a few weeks ago but they kept it going to harvest the apples for yours truly. Yes our sausages are that good, that's why they donate the fruit, in return they get a few breakfasts later in the year.
 Down at sea level Bear and Reuben impressed them with a) how massive a Berner can get and b) how good they are with kids and pups. Iggle and piggle impressed Adam and Lucy with the tastieness of their sausages.
 Little t also demonstrated how he had the Berners eating out of his hand, unfortunately for the dogs it was crusts, the sausage was too good to give away.
Reuben showed how flexible he is, in all, as far as a meet the gang at Rock HQ days went it was a good one. Tonight the clocks go back and all future evening walks will be with night vision equipment and several talismans to ward off zombies, trolls and werewolves.
 Roll on springtime!


spiderlover said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and I'm sure your visitors were impressed by everything at Rock HQ. We had a little snow yesterday but it didn't stick - thank goodness - and we also had hail, sleet and rain......rain, rain and more rain. Shame our little cottage leaks so much but we have plenty of bowls placed where needed. Chinese water torture all the time but we can manage - without floating away! Orkney has never been so wet, we can see that by the fields that are flooded that we've never seen flooded before....roll on Spring indeed. Thanks for your blog Tony, it's the first thing I read when the compy goes on each morning :)

Anonymous said...

Has Trevor settled down any since he's been reunited with his love Misty ? Or still up to dastardly ways ?

Tony said...

Start a roof appeal :) Buy a slate campaign:) What has happened to the weather, straight from summer rain to winter snow!!

Yes Trevor is a bit more settled, but thats because he is behind a MASSIVE fence. Misty is keeping her distance and flirting with Chester:)