Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Solid fuel

Its that time of year again when thoughts turn to keeping warm. Our supply of solid fuel is in the process of being extracted from the stable roof (now repaired). A task made easier now the foliage has dropped off it, but made more difficult as the torrential rain has turned the slope its balanced on into the chainsaw slide of death. So progress is slow and sometimes exciting.


Anonymous said...

Be very very careful Tony. The accident only needs to happen once.

I remember leaping down a bank hurling my chainsaw away as I went. So close.


Anonymous said...

Hope you guys won't end up too drowned. Or hacked up by the chainsaw. Was just catching up on your posts today. I was wondering since Little T is two know, has he shown any interest in wanting to get on the back of Misty by himself or with his other on Chester ?