Sunday, 7 October 2012

Before and after

 Before. Not as much progress as yesterday, mainly due to three broken chainsaws, well they were OK until I started on them, the third had to be rescued from the clutches of the tree by judicious use of an axe.
After.  But the clearing of the skyline continues.
 Before. Yesterdays blocks had to be brought down to earth.
 After. There are a few larger lumps still defying the movement order but most has been recovered.
 Much after. By end of play the route to the goats was cleared of timber and most of it was chopped and some was even stored indoors. The remains of the massive trunk that has hindered vehicles turning the last three years was also attacked with my big chopper and is now heating the house. T shirt and shorts shows the furnace like quality of the knackered woodburner once given seasoned wood.
Bear looks like I feel. Arms will be a bit stiff tomorrow!
Breaking news, little t was told it was bath time so set off up the stairs unaided. First ascent 100% success, summit reached, bath had. Think we might have to move stair gate from top to bottom of stairs now the action toddler has discovered climbing ability.

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