Saturday, 6 October 2012

Happy days

 The sudden change in the weather gave me a chance to play hero to the pigs who were fed up of mud slides and sleeping on a raft in a lake of mud so I took an early morning man test and shifted this bale of straw armful by armful
 into the the almost barn where the pigs made themselves very comfortable. The straw wasn't very good, there seems to be a bug/fungus/alien that has turned it brittle so instead of unrolling like previous bales it just fell apart and had to picked up piece by piece.
 So it took hours instead of minutes but the pigs were grateful.
 I think Guinevere took it a bit far though.
 The second bale was going to be much easier, it being on the nice clean runway just a few steps from where it was to be stored.
 Unfortunately I forgot how much of a hill we live on and while my back was turned the bale decided to try and escape.
 The carpet of straw refused to roll back up and several hours of scraping and gathering began, helped by the Rockmeister who decided to sleep on all of it.
 But lots got done despite the poor behaviour of the bales, and because it had dried up a bit the plan to chop up the tree was less a chainsaw massacre death slide and more a chop fest that resulted in nice clean blocks ready for chopping. I've even been given my big chopper back.
 It has to be said that today, in the glorious autumn sunshine, is one to remember.
Not least because little t walked from the cottage to the gate to the world and back again in his nice yellow wellies and didn't fall in any puddles!

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