Friday, 12 October 2012


 Early doors inspection of Vic after last nights boating exped revealed the heat shield from the exhaust hanging at a precarious angle and the handbrake cable swinging millimetres from terra firma. Visits further than cycle range were cancelled and I got a bit of time back to ooo and ahh over the ever growing baby Berners.
 Outside the rain stopped long enough to survey the progress on reclaiming order from the wilderness, this is last weekends skyline up over the reservoir.
 This is today when the sun made a breakthrough and demonstrating exactly why we are spending so much effort clearing the foliage, being in the shadow of the Bonsai Mountain means the sun makes a late appearance any way, it then being blocked by the self seeded tree line makes Rock HQ a very dull place.
 This was late pm today, a bit left to go, probably get it done this weekend weather permitting.
Spotty also liked the break in the weather and used it to full advantage carrying logs from the woodpile and hiding them on the Bonsai Mountain. Its like a savings account. When we really need some we can find them. Probably.

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