Sunday, 14 October 2012

High land clearance

 The clearance continues, I would like to say at a gathering speed but its slow progress even in the sunshine.
 Several tons of wood were dragged down, tree trunk sections split up and stored
 and as ever I had help.
The cleared skyline now reveals the Bonsai Mountain, this time obscured by the bright sunlight. You can almost see the cauldron from the yard, which is where Chester and Apollo legged it in the darkness instead of going to bed, which is where I wanted to be, instead I was negotiating mud, nettles, ditches and streams, avoiding alerting the Trolls and definitely not thinking horse meat recipes. Instead I focused on how lucky I was only stinging my left arm up to the elbow, and that thankfully I had laced my trainer extra tight as I sank to my right knee in something soft and ice cold. Finally I found the two naughty boys cowering under an Ash tree with Misty holding forth neighing the error of their ways before plodding off downhill, boys in tow with me slip sliding away behind. Back in the yard Misty gave her orders and they dutifully went to bed and waited for a very soggy yours truly to bolt the doors.

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