Friday, 26 October 2012

I told you it was dangerous....

 A usual sign of something being amiss is a bunch of critters all looking at the same thing. Add to that the sound of a Siamese cat being dropped tail first in a blender (an Anglo Nubian lacks a bleat, but makes up for it with a very loud MEW or MEAH!) and even I noticed that all was not well. Little Alana was mewing for all her worth and was stood pointer like on the first step of Goatanamo.
 What she was trying to make me aware of was lying very quiet and still in the centre of the brush wood pile, Kayleigh had got herself well and truly stuck.
 The poor old girl couldn't get her feet on the floor and was trapped in the goat eating branches.
 After a lot of huffing and puffing, and more muscle strain ( I shall spare you the details of what the Doc did to me today to diagnose an abdominal muscle tear, or hernia, but it involved rubber gloves, gel, a surprised expression and a lot of coughing. Apparently I have to take it easy for a while, he didn't mention avoid wrestling goats so I'm OK) and eventually both if us were branch less and upright regaining the use of our limbs.
 Kayleigh pondered recent events, the sky falls in or you get ate by foliage rather than the other way round, and decided that freedom was all well and good but not for her and took up residence in the med bay, her new home, and that's where she stays. Eva and Alana followed her lead and end of play saw them curled up in a deep litter bed swapping horror stories of the not so great outdoors. Giving up agoraphobia is not for our girls ANDQ!!
All this under the watchful eye of a cartoon dog!

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