Tuesday, 25 March 2014


An insanely early start and the ability to do paid work at night time by going to meetings meant a good part of the day could be spent on the Swiss Style Kennel Block. This is becoming an obession, even dream about large wooden buildings now.

Early doors saw work on the doors, this stopped for phone calls and the first meeting of the day. But at least all the doors were on.

Then I set about the eaves, or rather, eave as I only had time for one.

Part of the clan chose to spend some time with me and each picked a bay, here we have Rippers, Rocky and Spotty. Bear and Elf are kicking around somewhere too.

In the early evening rain things were looking good, the facia boards were on and I could play a new game, how many times could I bang my head on the overhang as I walk past (everytime!)Decide not to continue as A) Getting late and will miss next meeting and B) Head hurts and C) Ladder fell down rear of building with yours truly on baord. Decide using power tools whilst 8 feet above ground level all by myself is a sure fire way of hurting myself again so decide to pack it it and get some food.

Time to grab a quick sarnie before second and third meetings and pause for an almost arty shot of the almost finished end.
Stop car and take picture from the lane. Feeling pretty happy with it all so far. Spot ladder extreme left.

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