Saturday, 8 March 2014

Big jobs

 Day two of the biggest solo project at Rock HQ got off to a flying start after second breakfast with child labour pressed into service. Soon the apprentice smallholder was deftly sorting drill bits
 hitting inanimate objects with hammers and
 with minimal supervision constructed a frame that was in his words "A bit heavy can't lift it"
 Thankfully yours truly was on hand to do the heavy stuff and after forcing his beautiful and oh so patient wife to pose for yet another sequence of wood going together pictures with grateful dog in the foreground he got on with the task in hand of assembly.
 Many paws make light work and K9's keen to help held wood in place (or knock it out of the way, pick it up and run off with it, chew it, sleep on it, it all helped)
 or kept watch to make sure it was all level. (See dog blog for action shots of Berners doing proper woodwork.)
 Bathed in sunshine the frame started to look pretty reasonable and solid.
 Apollo the wonder foal came along to inspect the work and bemoan the fact that he hasn't got a stable and makes do with the bale store, but as that's full of munchies he's quite happy!
 Not sure whether he's laughing or sneering but he soon got bored and wandered off without knocking anything over.
 Ritchie bagged the first kip in the kennel, its a bit draughty at the moment but he's got the idea.
 As sun set began (yes the sun has now shone for two days!) Rippers stayed to watch the start of the cladding going on. I may have over estimated the amount of 9 inch planks required. The frame I was to the exact number of lengths required. From first go with the cladding it looks like it will take 36 or so planks to cover the entire building. There are around 55 just by the front door.
The compulsory end of day art shot.
Retire to cottage for tea, sticky's and medals.

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