Saturday, 30 November 2013

Moving sofas

Its not often that I am without a camera while out and about at HQ, but today was one of those rare times and as usual when without it you need it. Will.I.Am, resplendent in his red coat pictured above a few days back, was mooching around the place and generally keeping a low profile. He spotted me walk into the Berner annex which has at the back an area called The Black Hole which is currently a wood store. He seeing me with a large basket must have thought it was a mega bucket of feed rather than an empty receptacle for logs and  tip-hoofed over and took a closer look. The first I knew of his presence was when he snottered in my ear, me, alone in the darkness of The Black Hole took this as an indication that some strange beast was about to leap on me (almost right) and so I launched myself across the log pile until the fight or flight messages diminished enough for the neural networks to acknowledge that I was safe and that a very large horse now filled a very small space with yours truly. A fantastic photo opportunity wasted.
An exercise in patience followed as I tried to persuade less than forward thinking pony to take the necessary steps backwards, turn around and exit through less than horse sized door without going bonkers (him not me) It was a puzzle, similar to Dirk Gently's sofa conundrum, but this had to be solved without quantum, time travel and removing a wall. Eventually we both made it out to the real world to the rapturous applause of the Berners who were a bit miffed at having their beds violated by a dozy equine.

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