Saturday, 9 November 2013

The great outdoors

As our last two sheep still refuse to succumb to the allure of the blue bucket, and as we have better things to do than chase after naughty sheep, my beautiful and oh so patient wife and yours truly decided to take the apprentice smallholder and MkII Rugrat for a stroll.
It was a couple of firsts, the first time the latest members of the Dolyhir clan had been for a walk in their domain, and the first time MkII Rugrat had been for a walk in his carrier rather than all terrain buggy.
We wanted to show him one of our favourite autumn spots
which wasn't at its best but getting close, the colours are pretty spectacular.
We think MkII Rugrat thought so too.

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Anonymous said...

And with your older son Tristan getting near three maybe that first day out with little brother in a carrier and all the pretty leaves will be the first Autobiographical memory he carries into adulthood and can maybe one day tell to his little brother.