Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Donkey work

Those that know me know of my strange addiction, my complete inability to no photograph an old tractor, I know nothing about then other than they have different names and they rust differently, but for some inexplicable reason I have to bag the shot, like a trophy hunter. So while I was getting all arty over the blue wreckage something more photogenic wandered into frame.
These two were rescued from the local market after a hazardous journey in an Irish meat lorry horse box where along with several hundred other Irish donkeys they were flogged for buttons to eager buyers.
Not too sure how many sold were destined for local nativity plays or foreign meat products
but these two seem happy enough and as they are both in foal they have better prospects here than in the supermarkets.

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margeaux said...

ahhh, they are adorable, i would have taken a couple myself if they had been here. one of my promises for the CO ranch is to rescue a couple of jenny- to be mamas- we have a lot out inthe wild that get rescued and trained by the boys at the local prison. nice work my friends!