Thursday, 21 November 2013

So far away

 For two days in a row the alternative to work, meetings, has taken me from this green (mostly, except for the brown bits) and pleasant land, to the UK's second city. A fairly straightforward journey across country piloting Miranda. This journey would only take an hour at a steady pace save for the curse of the road user. Traffic. So last night a SOHF was had waiting in traffic because a lorry had the lack of foresight to imagine the consequences of breaking down on the main roundabout on the ring road. How we laughed as it took 45 minutes to cover 1.75 miles. As the broken lorry was .5 of a mile from our destination made it even more amusing. Today we were stuck in traffic for 45 minutes at the very same roundabout for no apparent reason. In total in the last  32 hours I have spent 11 of them driving (or not) covering a distance of 200 miles making the average speed 2 miles an hour slower than the usual speed on my bike. .
The Bonsai Mountain, centre of pic, the pointy bit.

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