Tuesday, 13 August 2013

It's my bike now Dave!

I am back in the saddle again after a few days off due a wee bit of soreness after riding 145 miles in just over 9 and a half  hours. I did get a bit of ride in on Sunday on this fabulous museum piece which I am very happy to say has been rescued from the technohermit and now joins my stable of bikes and as the mathmatical equation for bike ownership is calculated as the ideal number of bikes owned as n+1 I am on target as there are now 5 at HQ. R100 and R200 have not been ridden since the arrival of the Boardman speed machine ridden most days, the Muddyfox mountain bike only gets used when the hedge trimmers are about thanks to its massively thick puncture resistant tyres. I had to have this one after seeing it as it was the same as my first ever new bike and we did hundreds of miles together in the late 70's. Its in almost mint condition and has been in a garage unused for at least 40 years. I managed to swap a skip find but working mountain bike for it (below) on account the mountain bike would be more useful than this white walled tyred retro bike to a mountain dwelling hermit. He's happy as long as I give him the carrier back. 
I cant say I liked riding this Triumph Traffic Master, a sore arse didn't help, but it is very dated and feels weird compared to the lightweight racers I am using but it did make me laugh (even with a painful backside) but this will only be ridden when the previous four are all broken on the same day. Meanwhile it decorates the conservatory and in no way represents a trip hazard. 

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