Wednesday, 21 August 2013

An apology!

 This is the midway point between Rock HQ and Red Kite Fostering, where today my paid work was larking about with animals, so a real busman's holiday. To get here from the westerly slopes of the Bonsai Mountain usually takes some 25 minutes, unless you are dragging a shitland pony along. The reason for the dope on the rope (her not me)
 was that at Red Kite HQ we were hosing (typo. should read hosting but after seeing the state of the car park afterwards then hosing is also apt!)an Animal Madhouse day for all the carers and kiddies to come and oooh and aaah over a variety of critters and for some insane reason I opted to take Misty along. Not having a trailer suitable to carry a beserker equine I took the high road and walked her in so she could delight our visitors.
 After all who wouldnt go ooh and aaah over a beligerant little mare 33 inches high to the shoulder. Unfortunately she had other ideas and none of them included walking sensibly on the rope with any form of haste. So two hours after leaving HQ and already 30 minutes behind schedule, when faced with a plethora of hikers hi hoing across the mountains I really could not help myself when asked SFQ's about the nature of my journey with the pint sized equine. So a sincere apology to the 18 or so hikers who as  they passed went away with the idea that today was "National take your pet to work day" and that Misty was going along as everyone was taking dogs I thought I would take something different. All believed the lie and further embellishments such as her being house trained, has her own cat flap and that she was a Japanese Dwarf Horse. The apology is extended to all of todays hikers with the exception of the chap who geniunely said "Thats a donkey right?"
Mistys poor behavior continued and included trying to kick yours truly to death and deliberately soiling on pavements as she was frog marched through town.
 Once at the office the little terrors demeanor changed entirely to sweetness and light as hordes of kiddies and adults oohed and aaahed and most importantly fed her vast quantities of treats.  Revenge was mine though as after an intense grooming session the little sprites got a bit carried away with the whole my little pony idea.
 The day was a great success, once the pygmy goats had been caught, twice, and everyone got to fuss over Bernese Mountain Dogs, rabbits, ducklings, goats, Ryeland Ram Ice Ice Baby, a Hen called Brenda and a Jack Russell. Apologies if I have missed any species.
 Misty was seething once she caught sight of her bad hair day and I was not looking forward to the return journey so was very happy when a family borrowed her for lawn mower duties. I agreed providing they decorated her mane with ribbons and painted her hooves red.
Like a lamb to the slaughter she was led to her fate. No doubt she will get her own back but for once it feels like I am winning.

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