Saturday, 17 August 2013

Doing alright

I got the once over from Agnes our everso friendly osteopath today who reckoned I was in great shape considering the man test I had put myself through a week or so ago. For once my spine didn't need bending into shape and once Agnes had tweaked my knee (a curious click was heard across the city, birds flew from trees etc) it flexed without me reaching for the ibuprofen. Even better than her assessment of my physical condition was the donation she made to the cause so Hounds for Heroes got some more dosh and anyone who still intends to donate might like to go to 
While my knee was being mended conversation turned to how was I going to maintain the fitness achieved this summer. Due to imminent arrival of new rug rat sportives are banned so the turbo trainer will have to suffice, and spinning training. Then theirs clearing up after little t, chasing pigs, chasing sheep, horses, walking dogs, carrying toddler, carrying buckets of allure, carrying buckets of water, fighting off Ryelands, running away from pigs, clearing the runway, cleaning out stables, fetching hay, loading Miranda, unloading Miranda, unloading the lorry with the animal feed delivery, searching for Trevor...........

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