Monday, 26 August 2013

A woman's work

Early doors saw yours truly on a hunter gatherer mission as the higher than usual number of visitors to Rock HQ had emptied the milk bottle. Returning from this successful forage I should have been rewarded with tea and medals (read strawberry jam) instead I was practicing advanced swearing and rounding up escapee piglets who bouyed up on the bravado of yesterday evenings incursion decided to go for round two. 
First breakfast was spent repairing fence to pig pen but I made it to HQ for second breakfast which was lashings of strawberry jam, a gift from pig club member who paid a visit to HQ yesterday. So good was this tasty confection that second helpings were scoffed before the jar was prised from my grip and I was forced to share. 
Much of the day like yesterday was spent in the company of potential Dolyhir Berner owners and much fun was had by all, particularly little t who made sure everyone knew they were his puppies. By late afternoon we made the best of the summer weather by going foraging again training and collecting a huge bag of apples for the naughty porkers. Little t met Techno again who gave him a Kit Kat, this was 
eagerly consumed in favour of the sour apples and despite what he told his mother yours truly did not eat so much as a crumb of it. 
Late doors saw us doing the rounds, watched by Clan members, who this time were very interested in the antics of their female owner who, in case anyone needs reminding is 8 months pregnant
yet insisted on wrestling goats and giving them a pedicure. A woman's work is never done!

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