Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bad timing

 Horrendous weather put paid to well laid plans for a last intense training session that was to include a 25 mile time trial followed straight away by a Bonsai Banzai, 3 times up and down the Bonsai Mountain by the 3 main routes in under an hour. Instead time was spent cloud watching, map reading, route plotting, list making and generally going over what is needed apart from muscle and determination for next Thursdays epic challenge.
 Time was also wasted watching the pig club piglets scoffing dinner
 they are growing nicely eating a good mix of hayledge and dried pig nuts. They are also turning into long range pork as early doors saw them up the top of Oak Bank with Will.I.Am and Apollo.
A gentle stroll was fitted in before dinner which suited Biffer who is coming to the end of his stay here. Dinner saw one of those annoying episodes where I managed to break a wisdom tooth clean in half eating, of all things, an egg. The resulting pain meant the diet got a helping hand as anything within 5 feet of my mouth causes a panic attack. There's never a good time for this to happen but hopefully emergency dentist will fix it before Downhill All The Way.

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