Monday, 5 August 2013


 By default, mainly due to size, Misty has become little t's pony
 and as soon as time allows (and pennies) our apprentice smallholder will get the chance to saddle up
 his steed and try to stay on board what is in effect an unguided missile with a bad temper.
 We will of course have the shitland on a lead rope and little t in a full suit of armour. However little t seems
to have taken to Renatta who has 149x more horsepower and who still waits for me to use her on the road rather than just as a mobile disco and bin lorry.

Dentist repaired me today, this was after he coaxed me down from the ceiling after finding the anesthetic had not worked. This he established with the business end of his drill. Apparently I am one of those unusual people with auxiliary nerves in my teeth so the three injections that turned my chin numb and rendered my tongue inoperable were a bit pointless if not funny.

Final preparations for the W3P2P challenge are underway, somewhere in all the planning some sleep needs to be factored in. Its on the to do list.

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Andy_in_Germany said...

Join the club Tony: I have the same trouble with the dentist and they've taken to using a completely different Anaestietic on me because the normal one doesn't work.

Last time I told them to give me a full Anaesthetic instead, fortunately in Germany it is covered by my health insurance.