Saturday, 24 August 2013

A sting in the tail

 On the day I read an article asking "where had all the wasps gone" which as the question suggests was an in depth analysis of the lack of Jaspers in the UK given the hot weather and abundance of wasp attractions or picnics, I found this nest of the vicious stingy beasties lurking in the lane.
 As it was a fairish distance from HQ and far enough from any place where yours truly would be using a strimmer I decided to live and let live.
Unfortunately the Jaspers in our lanes cousins living in the garden where little Misty the shitland is on mower duties did not share this philosophy and attacked en masse our hapless pony as she stuck her nose in their hole. First indicators that all was not well was a demented pint sized pony careering around the garden bouncing off solid objects in a frantic effort to scrape off her stripey attackers. Once the novelty of watching the dwarf equines comic antics wore thin those looking after her realised to their horror that all was not well in her world and bravely rescued her getting mightily stung in the process. Time was spent pulling wasps from her mane and tail and dousing her with aloe vera and feeding her medicinal apples. So anyone wanting to know where the wasps are, there are several hundred dead ones in a garden near us.

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