Friday, 3 February 2012

Sudden Impact

As I couldn't sleep (long story involving a lovesick dog) I ventured out of bed at 4.30 am, had a cuppa, and set about some admin, finally finishing some paperwork and sending it. Recipients will wonder what possessed me to be at the key board at 5 am, but it was quiet and it got it done. So I was more than ready for the Dawn Patrol, 3rd cuppa down, out into the minus double figures and once the camera adjusted to my shivering I started getting all arty farty over the landscapes.

Enjoying the sunlit silence it was a case of "Hello birds, hello sky, all is well in my world" Berners roamed free sniffing for bunnies, unlike an American Berner we know our clan members haven't a hope of ever catching the supercharged lagomorphs. But the Berners were enjoying the cold sharp air as much as I was. Oblivious to the sound of hooves fast approaching. Spotty did bark a warning which did make me aware that something bad was about to happen.

A sneak attack from Ambrose, from behind and with height to his advantage a direct hit. A couple of people have asked why I have been limping today, it was easier to say sciatica rather than a goat fell on me.


Anonymous said...

I take it once the electric problems and freezer problems are fixed, that ambrose will be meeting the barbarque sauce as soon as possible :)
I wonder though why he is so mean for a wether, usually they are nicer. I can't remember if he was bottle fed. Though I have heard that can make the goat bucks unafraid of people.
Here's hoping your boo boo will be better soon

Tony said...

Think its the weather that making our wether wonder whether he should try and be alpha male