Saturday, 25 February 2012

Fitting it all in

As its the weekend, and most importantly a sunny one (so far anyway) there was no time for lounging around, things had to be done such as move several ton of logs off the drive so a tractor could deliver breakfast to some very hungry herbivores. The usual routine got a hammering in double quick time and the runway was cleared of horse and cow debris.
Tracey, my beautiful and oh so patient wife (horsewoman of the year) took Chester out for a spin meeting up up with Mrs Stable Sprite and Alfie and did what horsey types refer to as going for a hack. I could at this point tell you a very funny tale thats been in this weeks tabloids where a distant relative refused to let Zara Phillips (13th or so in line to the throne) in to a three day event as her mum, Princess Ann was already inside and had Zara's ticket. There is no truth in the rumour that cousin Tim said "I dont care who your mum is unless you pay up £12.50 your not coming in" Eventually Tim and Zara were rescued by someone who was more up to date with those who appear in OK magazine. Anyway, I wont mention that.

As they were off on a jolly the apprentice smallholder and I went for a hike in the hope that our paths would cross, and also to take some moody shots of local abandoned architecture.

Little t liked the falling down chapel,

and the empty house was looking good as a fixer upper

looking even more idylic when the horsey types apeared

but the view across the road was a clue that it wasnt so peacefull all the time. The Quarry bought most of the propertys close to it so as to have a free reign on noise, dust and digging.

Back at the ranch the pigs got mucked out and the doings spread over the garden in the hope that it will add some fertility to the heavy clay "soil". The plan to build raised beds with the tyres is still a plan, several hours of the day that could have been spent doing that was in fact spent assembling another Chinese import for little t's birthday, a sitinpushalonglooknopedals car, its red so it goes faster, but as this plastic kit was put together while watching the defeat of England at the hands of Wales it wasnt all time wasted.

Final tasks of the day apart from the evening routine was to make a birthday cake for tomorrows birthday tea. The kitchen now looks like a scene from Saw3D as yours truly had an accident with the red food colouring and in trying to make amends actually made it a whole lot worse. A little red food colouring goes an awful long way. Its now late and I feel like as tired as little t looked at the end of our trek. Tomorrow our pigs arrive from the land of the Stable Sprite. Another early start if we are going to fit all of tomorrow in.

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