Wednesday, 15 February 2012

They know me so well

Its been a good day, one that took me far from HQ but I met a lot of interesting people and over tea and biscuits conversations cantered through topics as diverse as squatting, suicide, building, DIY, D-Day, chickens, childcare, fostering, art of the renaissance and the last three CD's purchased. The penultimate visit was with some foster carers who know me very well and know that my beautiful and oh so patient wife puts up with my eccentricities now and then, but even I was at a loss to explain when they tactfully raised the subject why I was wearing brown jumper inside out and back to front. As I struggled to rectify the fashion disaster saying something along the lines of its a good job I don't embarrass easily they kindly pointed out that things like that made me more approachable. I think that was a compliment. After turning it the right way and immediately putting it on backwards again I decided that this was not actually my jumper, this was indeed remarkable but as the patient one pointed out on my return to HQ I had left the house that morning wearing a blue jumper. With your name tag in it she added.

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