Friday, 10 February 2012

Do you want ice with that?

The forecast was grim but the snow failed to arrive. Instead we had freezing rain which coated everything in 5mm of ice with hilarious results. Vic and I had to leave HQ and head off across several valleys as Red Kite continues its bid for global domination. A cattle lorry using our side of the road raised my pulse rate but Vic calmly managed to avoid disaster. On our trip we saw four large holes in four different hedges/fences marked with Police line do not cross tape where others had come a cropper on the treacherous road surface. Two telegraph poles also lay broken at odd angles showing signs of impacts. A road we would have taken had we gone anti clockwise around the mountains was closed after a fatal accident. I listened to the traffic news and thanked the small god of car journeys that it was not us that hit the lorry and spoiled the day.

Time is precious so Vic and I adopted the better late than never approach to ice driving, much to the annoyance of a teenager in a red VW(obviously, red ones go faster) who clearly had much better brakes and knowledge of the road plus an amazing ability to see though the fog than Vic or I. After following us closly down a twisty section of mountain (sudden death to your left) his sixth sense told him the way was clear so the last Vic and I saw of him was his exhaust and two fingers. I hope he got to where he wanted to be safely, and that he did not hurt himself or anyone else in his haste. I also sincerely hope that the fifth hole in the hedge on the way home wasn't made by a red VW. Honest.

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